Hi There! My name is Maria and, as I like to describe myself, I am a Londoner with full Italian blood. As for many Italians, Fashion is in my DNA and has been my biggest passion since a young age. Fashion has done a lot for me and I chose to be a stylist so that I can help other people build their confidence.

I am a qualified Personal Stylist, Member of FIPI -Federation of Image Professionals International, who since 2016 has styled both women and men, all from different backgrounds and with different budgets, from the high street to high end. My extensive fashion knowledge means not only that I know the current and future trends but I can also advise you on clothes worth investing in and style that truly timeless.

However, regardless of trends, what works for you is what matters the most. My knowledge of Colours and Body Shapes ensures that my clients develop their own signature style, in tune with their lifestyle and that ultimately makes them look good and feel great.

I love working with people, showing them how wonderful they are, how with the right clothing they can add to their uniqueness. As a Personal Stylist, my role is to guide you and show you that no matter your budget, with the right clothes you can look truly amazing … so let’s start a conversation. I am here for YOU!

Member of FIPI - Federation of Image Professionals International

Customer Review

Lily T

Thank you so much, Maria. Your advice was clear, useful and I have definitely learnt some very interesting points about style, combinations, colours as well as about myself. I am looking forward to putting your guidelines into practice and I now feel that shopping won’t be as daunting as before as I know what to choose and how to go about it. Last but not least I had a great time with you! I would love to do another session in the future to go through makeup, accessories and some more clothes.


Maria did an excellent job on this fashion project. I highly recommend her for your future projects!!!


I had a great time with Maria, she knows what she is doing. The only thing I regret is that I have not done it before because it's absolutely worth spending your time on.