How to perform your own WARDROBE DETOX

In a time like this, with the threat of the Corona Virus around the corner, we are spending more time at home. So, what can we do to make the most of this time? The

London Fashion Week Men Part 2

Here is the moment you were all waiting, the part 2 of the LFW Men series where I bring to you my discoveries from my very first full-on LFWM and the trends they

London Fashion Week Men: my discoveries! (part 1)

This year, for the first time, I have had a full-on fashion week experience during LFWM. Most of the time I find the majority of men’s fashion trying to imitate

Meet the talents of tomorrow: the new generations of fashion designers destined to take the fashion world by storm.

LFW is fast approaching and while I am looking forward to viewing what SS20 will bring, I have the stylist duty to bring to your attention 3 emerging designers whom

How to Mix and Match Prints

Being able to combine prints is a dream for many but there is somehow this idea that the art of “mix&match” is only for bloggers and celebrities, with most women

The Red Dress

With RED being the colour of this Autumn/Winter 17, and with the finding of the perfect Red Dress for My Shopping Date client Kristina, I had no choice but to write

Colours and Fashion: How much do we know about them?

Although, we are all aware of the importance of wearing the right colours and matching them harmoniously when creating an outfit, many of us don’t know much on how

What have we learnt from London Fashion Week 2017?

Growing up I have always dreamt of attending a fashion week and this year the dream did come true. Despite being the youngest of the “BIG 4” (New York, Milan and

What the Bag you carry says about your Personality?

Fashion most-beloved item holds more than just your belonging – discover how the way you carry your bag tells about who you are Handbags have always been a personal

Style Rules: History of the Wrap Dress and How to Style it

  In a world evolving around seasonal trends, fast fashion and social media; it is very rare to find styles that survive the test of time and leave the mark.
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