Meet the talents of tomorrow: the new generations of fashion designers destined to take the fashion world by storm.

LFW is fast approaching and while I am looking forward to viewing what SS20 will bring, I have the stylist duty to bring to your attention 3 emerging designers whom I have discovered last June when I have attended my very first Graduate Fashion Week thanks to the kind invite of some universities.

It all started in 1991 when its founder, a UAL graduate, Mr Jeff Banks decided to give fashion graduates from outside London the opportunity to showcase their collections and get the industry attention they deserved. 

In over 25 years many talented designers have participated to the even, including some who have then made their names known in the fashion industry, like Christopher Bailey and Stella McCartney. 

Thanks to GFW, graduates have the opportunity to show their collections in front of key members of the world of fashion. 

Personally, I was impressed! 

Being used to LFW I was not expecting an event of such magnitude, from the number of people who participated, the talent scouts coming from different fashion brands to poach young talents to the actual talent and quality of these starter-ups. 

However, out of the vast number of blooming talents, three have absolutely stolen my heart, for the shapes, the colours and the quirkiness they have come up with.

Let me introduce them to you! 

Imma Boccia, Anna Lowe, and Alicia McCabe. 


Imma is an Italian fashion designer graduated at the Accademia della Moda in Naples. 

During GFW she has showcased her collection called “Not Your Beauty Doll”. 

With her collection, Imma wants to denounce the superficial ways which rule society and fashion nowadays.

Society seems to be wanting us to look all the same and her collection is a rejection of those rules which flatten our personality and bring in the human beings the need to conform and look alike because if your image does not match the parameters imposed by society and fashion then you are not accepted and categorically OUT!

In her collection the Dolls represent the loss of individuality; we have all become soulless puppets in the hands of a society that wants us to look all the same. 

Apart from being aesthetically stunning, it’s the message that Imma is trying to deliver that makes me love her collection even more.

In a world ruled by internet and social media we must fight to be ourselves and defend our individuality, and for me, as a personal stylist, the most important part of my job is to help my client discover, nourish and cherish their individuality which can so easily be expressed through making the right fashion choices for ourselves. 

Pictures from and 


Anna is a fashion designer graduated at the Carmarthen School of Art. 

I met Anna while I was walking with my friend and stylist Deborah Cantor among the many university stands which display students work during the GFW. 

We got attracted to her stand by the vibrant colours of her collection and there she was, this young lady with a friendly smile wearing a Monsoon dress, of all brands. 

Her collection “Cohesion” is inspired by the strong women in her life, her mum, her aunt and her late grandmother. 

For Anna fashion should deliver a positive message and bring people together especially during times like this where people are divided by their many differences. 

Her collection was created to empower women finding links between the modern “superwomen” and those women who left their mark in history like the suffragettes, the nurses, the female pilots, which has then been translated into a collection made of tailored jackets and casual wear in bright and vibrant colours.

“Cohesion” … sticking together forming a united whole is a hope for the future. 

In a world where women are still fighting for equality, Anna’s collection brings a breath of fresh air in hope that the future generations of females learn to stick together as a whole more than we do nowadays. 

Anna has a bright sartorial future in front of her starting from being chosen to intern with none other than the great Julien Macdonald. 

Pictures belong to Anna Lowe 


Alicia Victoria Design is a womenswear designer graduated at Birmingham City University. 

What I loved of her collections are the vibrant colours and the pleats … if you know me you know I love pleats. 

Her collection is inspired by the 80’ tv series Miami Vice (American television crime drama series, originally starring Don Johnson then turned into a film with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx) one of the most influential tv series in terms of fashion. 

Bold style, colours and silhouette, shoulder pads and tailored suits, Alicia translates the style of the 2 main characters into tailored womenswear creating strong silhouettes and shapes with the use of fabrics like the matte duchess satin, which pleats well and holds its shape. 

All her colours of choice for this collection are strong and complement each other well, perfectly reflecting the fresh colour aesthetics and styles of Miami Vice. 

Pictures belong to Alice McCabe 

It has been a delight to watch these 3 talents step into the fashion world with their amazing collections and I will be on the lookout for them as I am sure this has been the beginning of a dazzling career for them all. 

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    Great blog Maria!

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    This blog post is a truly wonderful read! Thank you so much, Maria! You’re such a lovely person and it was great to meet you!