What the Bag you carry says about your Personality?

Fashion most-beloved item holds more than just your belonging – discover how the way you carry your bag tells about who you are

Handbags have always been a personal obsession of mine since young age and this blog post is inspired not only by my personal love for THE most essential every day item for us all, but also on my personal journey to a Mindful life which ultimately reflects into our personal style and the way we shop.

Numerous studies by body language experts show that the way we choose to carry our bags is not at all random but that indeed it has a much deeper meaning rooted into our personalities.


How you wear your bag and the styles that represent you

1- Held in Hand to attract attention

Carrying a handbag by the handles is a sign of a strong personality, of a woman that knows her style and her self-worth and it’s not afraid to show it.

She likes to attract attention and to show off, using the handbag as a trophy.


2- On your shoulder to have comfort

Carrying the handbag on the shoulder shows a practical and multitasking nature; she is an independent woman who is always in a hurry.

Comfort and versatility are a must when choosing a handbag; she wants her hands to be free and the bag close by for when she needs it.


3- Across the Body, you are busy but never forget to smile

Carrying a cross-body bag is the prerogative of a woman with a bubbly and active personality, who, however, feels the weight of her responsibilities on her shoulders.

A woman who likes to be practical and has a young and trendy sense of style; she is full of interests and has a very busy schedule … but never forgets to smile.


4- In the crook of the arm, you are altruist

Carrying the handbag in the crook of the arm is a distinctive sign of a woman who is aware of her superiority and power.

She is a winner who does not get bothered by the prejudice and judgment of others; she has a fearless and polished style of someone who is not afraid to be noticed.

She might appear snobbish but she is actually a selfless altruist individual who goes the extra mile to help those she loves.

She is definitely more than what meets the eye.


5- Under your arm, you are a trustworthy woman

Carrying a bag under your arm, like a baguette, is the sign of a very pragmatic personality; a “no nonsense” woman who likes to go straight to the point.

A practical style which is never out of place makes her a trustworthy woman.


To assess a lady’s character, look no further than the handbag she carries to work. “It is an absolute indicator of who they are and what their style is,” says Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and entrepreneur.

So … How do you carry your bag? Does it match with your personality?

I am personally a mix of them; for many years I used to carry my bag(s) on the shoulder, however, nowadays, you are most likely to catch me rocking my handbag style #1 and #4.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you carry yours

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